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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

We cover the shipping costs for domestic deliveries (Denmark).

Delivery within EU countries will depend on the item, delivery of smaller items (cufflinks or jewellery) will be 150 DKK, while for the larger items (e.g. Lightning wood) the price will depend on the weight and size of the item (normally around 200 DKK, but check for individual products).

Worldwide delivery of cufflinks and jewellery costs 250 DKK, while Lightning wood items may cost between 300-350 DKK (check for individual items, as the price will depend on the weight).

The items will be dispatched within 1-3 working days. We expect the shipping to take ca. 5-7 working days with EU, and up to 2 weeks world wide.

All products have 2 year warranty. However, as the products are made using natural materials, the warranty does not cover damage induced by prolonged water exposure.

P.S. We have done our best to protect the products using natural oils and waxes, but they do have their limits and excessive, prolonged contact with water may irreversibly damage the items.

In accordance with Danish law you have right to 14 days of cancellation/regret. You cannot cancel the order by avoiding receiving the item without giving us a clear message about this.

Your right of cancellation expiries 14 days after:

  • You have received your item
  • You receive the last item in your physical possession when your order contains more than one item, which have been purchased as one order and which have been delivered individually.

All products are handmade and have a custom design. Therefore each product has it’s own individual look and nuances and the looks may differ from the photo.

You can send your custom order requests, ideas or equiries for custom order price range by e-mail (, by phone (+ 45 2240 4666) or by filling out the Contact us form.

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