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Goosmann design was established in September 2014 with one main goal in mind: to create natural, high-end quality products that bring happiness.


Workshop, once located in our apartment, has now expanded and moved to the center of Aarhus, Graven 16, where we share the location with Lone Borgen – a wonderful ceramics artist.


Our journey in design started with crafting wooden engagement rings for a few very special couples. This has taken us many steps further and now we have three main product lines:

One – exclusive cufflinks – fully hand crafted cufflinks with a brass foot and unique wooden body.


The other one – lightning tree series. The lightning tree series includes a number of unique wooden products, new or reclaimed, finished with a burnt fractal pattern. Just like lightning supposedly does not strike the same place twice, each piece is completely unique due to the way it has been created.


And the last (but not least) one: wooden jewellery. The wooden jewellery is bearing a lot of our history and each piece is crafted to show off the natural beauty of the wood, in the most elegant way.


As our passion is creating unique products with personality, we are open to custom orders. Some of our previous creations include company signs, light objects and special design pieces. You are welcome to send us your idea and we can discuss the possibilities.



We will dedicate our passion to create beautiful products with great character


We work to be in a position where goosmann design will be the preferred go to quality brand.


Passion, drive and love for materials and purpose of the product are our core values.

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