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Willow Tree

Willow Tree

Similarly to the “Neural Pathways” this piece possesses a very high contrast between the black fractal pattern and the light wood, but unlike the “Neural pathways” the Willow Tree turned out to have a very sharp pattern. The fractal burn follows the rings of the wood, branching out along the growth rings. This makes for a very distinct, and almost systematic pattern. Apart from the pattern, the Willow Tree wood in itself is quite a beautiful barky bite of wood. The angled cut gives the impression that the pattern of the rings radiates from the center of the lower part of the wood and out- and up-wards.
This piece of raw fractal patterned nature can stand on its own and is an absolutely stunning piece of art.

Height         62.5 cm
Width max.  43   cm
Depth max. 16.5 cm


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